Why travel? The most common reasons are fun, relaxation, gastronomy, culture and magic of the unknown, but almost any destination can meet these requirements. So, why visit Chile on your next vacation?

We tell you our reasons:
1.Its diverse and organized capital
Santiago de Chile has several charms that can be enjoyed by tourists from all over the world, thanks to the fact that Latin American and European culture are mixed in it.

Photo: Taringa

For tourists arriving from other cities in central or South America, walking through the streets of Santiago is a real pleasure thanks to the respect and order they perceive in the environment.

Cars respect pedestrians and the public transport system is quite functional, but there is a cheerful and familiar spirit that is perceived in urban art and the good attitude of the people.

Important cultural centers, libraries, galleries, cafes and restaurants are located in neighborhoods like Lastarria or Bellavista, all with innovative and very interesting concepts; And of course, the city center concentrates some of the most important historical monuments and museums in Chile.

In addition, Santiago has green spaces, very spacious and entertaining, such as the Santa Lucia Hill, the San Cristóbal Metropolitan Park, the Forest Park, the Balmaceda, among others.

2.The flowery desert
The Atacama Desert is the driest in the world and yet one of the most moving phenomena of nature occurs in it: the flowering of some 200 species of flora, the majority endemic, for three months a year.

Photo: Emol

This is undoubtedly the best time to visit the area, but if you are planning your vacation in another month, do not worry because the beauty of Atacama is constant and will leave you speechless.

To start, you must stay in San Pedro de Atacama and from there coordinate your routes, which can range from arriving by bicycle to the famous Valley of the Moon to take a cool and very cold bath in the surrounding highland lagoons, passing through a descent in dunes in the modality of sandsurf.

This small and pleasant city is visited by hundreds of local and international tourists, so its atmosphere is very relaxed and cheerful. Another aspect for which this destination makes a difference is that it is a privileged site for astronomical tourism, so if you are passionate about the stars, do not hesitate to visit it.

3. Wine and its culture
One of the most exciting moments when arriving in Chile, is to enter a store or supermarket and verify that buying a bottle of a good wine is no longer a luxury, but an absolutely affordable taste.

hoto: Tresores du monde

The production of this drink in Chile has a history of more than 100 years, thanks to which its quality has been recognized as one of the best in the world.

The central area is the most conducive to the cultivation, collection and processing of the vine, and many vineyards are located on the outskirts of Santiago, so this is one of the main activities that travelers who visit the capital look for.

Tours can be made by bicycle or tourist transport and most farms offer different types of tours to complement the tasting of their wines, which can include adventure activities or picnics amid fascinating landscapes.

4. Patagonia
This remote region shared by Chile and Argentina, is one of the most impressive landscapes in the world, so it is visited by travelers and adventurers throughout the year.

Photo: Red Los Lagos

In addition to its postcard landscapes, in which the green of the forests contrasts with the blue of the clear waters and the white of the glaciers, Patagonia is inhabited by various species of fauna that have become one of the main reasons for tour it.

It is very likely that during your trip you will find penguins, sea elephants, foxes, kingfishers, deer, hawks, rheas and the wonderful and gigantic killer whales.

But not everything is extreme nature, there are several cities that have very good tourist services and a very varied cultural wealth, accompanied by customs that has remained over time, thanks to the limited contact that this region has with the center of the country.

5 gastronomy
Although typical Chilean food is not widely recognized internationally, its dishes have two characteristics that most travelers love: animal protein and abundance.

Photo: Trekking Chile

While for vegetarians gastronomy will not be a plus during their trip, those who enjoy the meat will feel more than well served. If you travel to the north of the country, you can enjoy dishes that are very likely that you have never tried, such as llama meat, alpaca or horse.

In the central area they are more measured and consume more than anything poultry, pork or cow meat, accompanied by the typical Chilean salad (tomato and onion) and always a good wine.

In addition, in the coastal areas and in the south of the country, the most traditional is the preparation of fish and shellfish, and their recipes are so tasty that even not-so-strict vegetarians should try them once at least.

In addition, there are the famous Chilean empanadas found almost throughout the country or corn-based products, such as corn cake or humitas from the north.

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