The chorrillana is a traditional typical food of the Chilean gastronomy that takes as main ingredients fried potatoes, fried egg and meatloaf, having this last ingredient many variants.

El Palacio de la Chorrillana es la perdición de Pío Nono



 El Palacio de la Chorrillana is a two-story premises with an interior terrace in Pío Nono, in the Bellavista neighborhood, where there are more than 11 types of chorrillanas. The Palacio de la Chorrillana is in Pío Nono, almost on the corner with Antonia López de Bello, and it is literally what its name offers. It is a two-story house, with interior terrace and where 11 types of corrillanas, all made at the moment and for all tastes. It can be in individual format or to share and in vegetarian, marine or classic versions of meatloaf, which comes of course with two fried eggs and that ready to break with the potatoes. A whole temptation.