The following text is from Alberto Mozó:

BIP Computer’s office building rises between two old houses, renovated as part a development that occupies a site which allows a construction of a 12 floor building. This municipal regulation determines a high value of the ground and at the same time, depreciates the value of any construction which does not have that height.

With these premises and with a sense of gibinf an economic value to a new building of just three floors, it was chosen to build an innovative laminated wooden structure, which by defect can be dismounted in case of a future real estate sale, avoiding a contrary demolition.

The laminated Wood offers the unavoidable operation of disarming and opens the possibility of re-construction again at another site or location. The design of this tries to potentiale this new condition and put in value sustaintable architecture and town planning – something which I personally call “transitivity”.

Finally it is important to mention that the utilized Wood is an incentive for reforestation, since it belongs to the type of wood of a renewable forest, and it is the construction material which produces less carbón emissions for the consideration of our climate changes.

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